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Cell Tracker Kids

The technology has made huge advancement in the past decade making the cell phone to become an important part of the life of our children, but also making our children vulnerable to the dangers of the modern society.
Cell Tracker Kids is the ultimate parental control application for Android phone tracking that allows parents to monitor and track GPS location, calls and text messages.

Review Call Logs
The parental monitoring app Cell Tracker Kids for Android lets you browse through your child’s call history remotely on your own mobile device.
View contact info, times, dates and durations of calls instantly in your account.

View All SMS Text Messages
Use the SMS Tracker to browse a complete record of all sent and received messages including the actual text messages, sender and receiver names and time stamp.
Today each teenager has the dangers of the web communication on their fingertips.
Instantly judge whether an inappropriate communication is taking place.

View All MMS Multimedia Messages
Use the MMS mobile tracker to browse every picture or video sent as MMS multimedia message and prevent your children from any inappropriate content and sexting.

Track GPS location
Follow the precise location of your kid's phone using the in-built GPS tracker.
View the previous locations of the device and the routes of its carrier.
Monitor the real-time GPS location to know the exact whereabouts of your child so you can stop being worried whether the kid skips school.

Many other useful features come with this GPS cell tracking app.
You won't be worried that your child may loose the expensive phone that you bought for Christmas.
With the in-built GPS tracker you will be able to find the location of a lost or a stolen device in no time.

Are you worried that your children are using their cell phones for inappropriate activities?
Are your kids mixing with the wrong company or using the phone late at night?
With the monitoring tool Cell Tracker Kids will let you leave all these worries behind and take care of your child's safety.

Teens tend to make multiple bad choices and imitate the behaviour of other kids. Your job as a parent is to preserve this and using a mobile tracking application like Cell Tracker Kids will make it so much easier using the SMS tracker to analyse the message history.

Currently almost every child has a mobile phone.
A phone tracking app like Cell Tracker Kids will give you the opportunity to do the parental monitoring remotely and take care of your kid in each moment.